Unique Controls provides follow up inspection and maintenance services for instruments and calibrators. The service is performed by our engineers who have had more than 15 years of accumulated experience.


In addition, all of our calibration services operate under our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab. Our service is available through both in-house and on-site calibration by the CalMan team from Calibration Management Co., Ltd., our group company. 



"Unique services for 

Unique Controls clients."


Our services are provided for both in-house and on-site calibration. All calibrations are traceable to national standards.

  • Pressure Calibration i.e. Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Controller, Test Gauge, Pressure Calibrator, etc.

  • Temperature Calibration i.e. RTD, Thermocouple, Temperature Gauge, Liquid Bath, Temperature Transmitter, Liquid-in-glass Thermometer, Dry Block Calibrator, etc.

  • Electrical Calibration i.e. DC. Volt / Amp Meter, Multifunction Calibrator, Frequency Counter, Signal Simulator, Tachometer, Stroboscope, etc.

  • Flow Measurement & Verification i.e. Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Orifice Flowmeter, etc.

  • Analyzer Calibration i.e. pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, DO Meter, etc.

  • Mass & Balance Calibration i.e. Electronic Balance, Spring Balance, Weights, etc.

  • Dimension Calibration i.e. Micrometer, Dial Gauge, High Gauge, Vernier Caliper, etc .



ISO/IEC 17025

Our calibration laboratory has successfully undergone assessment under the Thai Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (TLAS) of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) for meeting its criteria of competence, which are in accordance with the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. 

This accreditation recognizes the ability of the Unique Controls laboratory

(1) to analyze instruments and calibrators 

according to the standard test methods and

(2) to calibrate analytical equipment in accordance with industry standards.




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